Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The number keeps going down!

I did it again! I have now officially lost 9 lbs! And the pants that i'm wearing today actually feel a little bit looser. That could just be my imagination though. I have had good intentions of getting up around 6am-ish and doing some exercise, but the bed is just so warm and cozy and I give in. It would be different if I weren't already getting up once or twice a night with Sophie. It would be a little easier to get up that early if I could manage to sleep through the night. Michael is good about getting up with her all night on friday nights so that I do get at least one night a week of about 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Tonight Michael put together Leslie's bunk beds and she was delighted! Charlotte didn't really want to go near them, but Michael showed her how she could get on the bottom bunk and reach up to the metal bars that are under Leslie's mattress and swing like a monkey from them. She loves the bunk beds now. Thanks Michael.
Here's my grub for today:
*bowl of special k fruit and yogurt with silk
*2 cups of coffee with the usual in it
*7 triscut crackers with thinly sliced cheese melted and a dollop of salsa on top(really wasn't as good as I expected it to be)
*2 bottles of water
*small baked pork chop with green beans and small romaine salad with lite italian dressing
*2 pecan sandie cookies and 1 homemade lemon sandwich cookie

Lunch kind of slipped my mind today since I had to go pick up Leslie from school early and then take my mom a couple of places. I think I might have a quick bowl of cereal before I head to bed because I am a little bit hungry now.

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cari allen said...

I love hearing about the daily activities at the Prokosch house! I can just see those girls in the bunk beds. What fun! I don't like Triscuits, have you tried the Kashi crackers?