Wednesday, January 7, 2009

fun with mom and kids

Today started off with screams because the little ones both had to go to the doctor for checkups and both of them had to get shots. There were a lot of tears and quite a few bandaids, but they both had smiles on when we left. From the charts that they have, Charlotte is likely to be around 5'6" and around 125lbs if she keeps up her current growth rate. Sophie is very tall for her age and he said she should be near 5'10" when she's grown. And Leslie will be that way too. I knew they would all end up taller than me. I'm only 5'5" in thick soled shoes. Michael is the cause of all these tall girls since he's 6'4". My mom went with me to the dr office to help wrangle the kids. I need all the help I can get sometimes. Usually when I am with my mom we end up eating junk food for lunch and today was the same. But I was good and had grilled chicken strips from JackNtheBox. And then for dinner we went to the chinese buffet and I only had one plate of food. And afterwards I felt really full and probably won't be doing that again anytime soon.

*banana smoothie
*5 grilled chicken strips
*a few french fries
*diet coke
*bottle of water
*terriyaki chicken, beef eggroll, small side of fried rice, crab puff
*fortune cookie

Tomorrow I should have time for the treadmill again. I was out of the house for most of the day and since Sophie chose not to sleep last night, i'm heading to bed quite a bit earlier than usual tonight.


cari allen said...

Go Susan Go! Go Susan Go!! You can do it, you can do it! GO SUSAN!!!YAY!!!

cari allen said...

I'll sponsor you!! Do a weigh in every two weeks. I'll give you a dollar a pound, or wait till your final goal, and I'll treat you to a spa treatment! Proud of you girl!