Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My life is a three ring circus!

My weekend started with being close enough to Dr. Rey to touch him and ended with going to the emergency room for food poisoning sunday evening. I think it turned out that I just ate some bad mexican food because I felt better once I got the hospital and ended up leaving before I saw the dr. The Great Day Houston show was a fun experience. I thought I was going to be very late getting there, but I made it right on time. I missed the parking lot and had to park on the backside of the station which meant I was going to have to walk a ways to get to the right place. I ended up meeting up with a couple of other ladies that were in the same predicament and we found a way to sneak in the back fence and make our walk much shorter. Once we had gotten in line, one of the ladies thanked me for helping find us the shortcut. She said she had asked God to find her the right way and then I came along and helped her. It's not everyday I get told that I was God's answer to somebody's prayer. Later that day I had to drive home with a screaming two year old in the back seat and I was asking God for a partition between the front and back seats but it didn't happen. Back to the show....it was neat, but there was a lot of go,go,go and then waiting going on. I ended up sitting on the far end of the second row and that's how I got to be close enough to touch Dr. Rey. I refrained from doing so because I didn't want to get escorted from the studio. He was just like he is on the show....very smiley and likes to talk about boobies.
Other events this weekend were two of my daughters' birthdays. Charlotte turned 2 on Sunday and Leslie turned 7 on Monday. I spent a lot of time feeling old those two days. It just blows me away how big and smart those girls are getting! Leslie will be taller than me in no time. And little Sophie is already sitting up and doing some army crawling. She'll be able to outrun me soon! If she would just sleep through the night again, I could keep up with all of them at once instead of losing steam at noon everyday!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November is finally here!

October and November are my favorite months out of the year. I think the weather plays a big part in this. Today really looks like November outside. I noticed how the leaves are actually turning color before christmas this year! And the tiny cold front came through and it feels perfect out there. I would take the kids for a walk but not sure if it's going to rain anymore.
Tomorrow i'm doing something absolutely great! At least I think it is. My husband thinks i'm a little looney for doing it. I'm going to go be in the audience for the Great Day Houston show. I am excited about doing this because somebody from one of my favorite tv shows is going to be on there. It is Dr. Rey from Dr. 90210. I don't know why I love that show, but he is a hoot on there! I can't wait to see him in person. He is somebody that I would never come across in everyday life because A: I don't live in Beverly Hills and B: I won't be getting any kind of plastic surgery anytime soon. Also Joan Lunden is going to be on the show. I think she used to be on Good Morning America, but i'm not sure. I'm more of a Today Show person. I have to get my Matt Lauer fix at least a couple of times a week.
Well i'm off to go do some exciting housecleaning that is overdue! If I call it exciting, then it will be! The dishes got put at the bottom of the list due to the enormous spider I found in the sink yesterday! Wish me luck!