Monday, January 12, 2009

Magic Monday

Tonight is going to be an early to bed night. I spent a lot of time with Sophie in the recliner last night. I was up for good by 5am. Then I decided to make the most of it and did some exercising since I was already up. I did 28 mins on the treadmill. I am having some issues with the belt slipping and I almost fell a few times. I also did 35 sit ups and 6 push ups. And then some leg lifts that were painful. But I think it's all paying off! I got on the scale today and it lingered a long time on a number before it changed to the error symbol. So I think in the next couple of days I can actually start counting pounds!
Today I ate:
*bowl of special k cinnamon pecan cereal with 2%
*can of chicken tortilla soup with some extra chicken in it
*ham and cheese sandwich on wheat bread with lt mayo
*2 bottles of water
*salad with romaine lettuce grown in michael's dad's garden and chicken ( i haven't eaten it yet, but I will soon)


Michael said...

Mmmmm, Radishes!

cari allen said...

You are doing great! The daily grind of a diet, are what make most peolpe give up! I'll tell you something that helped me. Two days a week, were free days.