Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oops, there went August!

Wow. I didn't mean to go a whole month and not post anything. It just sort of happened that way. I get caught up in who knows what and the time gets away from me. August wasn't that exciting except for three events that all happened in the span of 8 days. The first event was that Sophie got her head stuck in one of our dining room chairs. I was only standing two feet away from her, but wasn't facing her so I didn't see exactly how it happened. But to make a long story much shorter, I ended up having to call 911 and the New Waverly Fire Dept and some paramedics came out to help her. They ended up having to use the jaws of life to cut the chair to get her out. I wanted to ask if they could cut all of our chairs so they would match. And so that this wouldn't happen again. I'm guessing all of this wasn't as traumatic as I thought it would be for Sophie because she was back up in the chair again that evening. A few days later, Leslie had a friend over and while they were outside, they decided to see if they could throw rocks over the house. Leslie doesn't have the best aim and one of her rocks made it through a window in the front of the house. I wasn't real happy about this, but it was an accident, so she only had to endure a weekend with no tv or computer. The third event was a happy one. Leslie started second grade! I can't imagine where the time went. I remember taking her picture the morning that she was leaving to go to PreK. She seemed so big then, but now looking at the pictures, she was tiny! She's so tall now. The dr estimates her being about 5'10" when she's done growing. And the same for Sophie. He said Charlotte is going to be the short one, but still taller than me. Other good things going on around brother came back through town for about a week. We had a family get together last weekend so everybody could get a chance to see him before he heads out to his next job in Trinidad, which is a country off the coast of Venezuela. He'll be there until sometime in December, I think. I love going to our family parties. I have an awesome extended family. I feel very blessed to have so many aunts/uncles/cousins. Especially ones that are fun to be around. Also, I started selling Avon products. I absolutely love everything that Avon has and I figured why not start trying to earn a little bit of money from that. It's not going to get me rich by any means, but it's fun to do. The real way to make money with Avon is to recruit new representatives, but my main concern was trying to find people to sell to first. Then we'll figure out how to get more people involved. One more thing good that I can think of that happened last month was that we got a dog. I never really have been a dog person, but I couldn't resist this one. Somebody had rescued her from somewhere, but wasn't able to keep her. They put an add on the Montgomery County Freecycle website and that's where I found her. She's probably about 6 months old now. She's part dachshund and collie and she's just beautiful. That's all I can think of to catch everybody up on the latest around here. Good night and Big balls. (we watch a lot of Wipeout)