Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm Falling for Fall!

After all the craziness that goes on around here, I feel like I should put a sign that reads, " XX days since the last accident on the job." Similar to signs found in stockrooms at businesses. Not too much stuff has gone on in the last month, but enough that the sign would have a low number of days. The things that I can think of right off of the top of my head are: Charlotte lost the ball to our computer mouse and for a couple of days we were having to stick our fingers inside the mouse to move the little wheels around if we wanted to do anything on the computer; Sophie got stuck in a different chair, but this time she slid right out; and the thing that was most heart wrenching was that a shelf that had about 30 of my coke bottles on it came crashing down and made the kitchen unusable for a short while. Luckily all the kids and I were outside when it happened, but Michael happened to be near when it happened and got a small scratch on his leg. If you have ever seen my coke bottle collection or heard me gush on and on about it, then you know it's a pretty large collection. I had about 75 of the small 8oz coke bottles with different designs on them. I also had some larger ones that had come from different countries. The one that I am most proud of was one that I got in the Czech Repulic. I loved that one because I went there and got it myself instead of somebody bringing it to me. It did survive, but it had a paper label instead of one that was printed on the glass and it got a little dirty. I also had a pretty good shot glass collection that didn't make it. The glass on those are so thin that they just shattered. The floor was so sticky and so full of glass. It was a couple of days before we deemed it completely cleaned. Even now though, we will find a piece of glass that was hidden in a corner somewhere. On to happier thoughts! How about this weather??? Last weekend was so great! Tues-Thu of this week aren't much to talk about, but when we wake up Friday, the temps will be worthy of finally calling them fall weather. I don't know if the reason I love fall so much is because of the weather or because my birthday is in the fall. I think I get more excited for Halloween and Thanksgiving almost more than Christmas! Since my birthday is right around Thanksgiving, we don't usually do much for it. Which I'm cool with. Now that I have passed up 30, I don't feel the need to keep up with the number anymore. This year though, there is something awesome happening on my bday in Houston! Monday Night Football! I really enjoy football and I have a lot of faith in the Texans even though they have let me down a time or two. I don't know if anybody knows this or not, but I worked at Reliant Stadium for a short while during football and rodeo season selling beer at a stand. I loved that job, but it was so far to drive. I met all kinds of interesting people and had a lot of fun doing it. My stand was on the visiting team's side of the stadium. Since that was the side that was usually winning that year, I had a lot of happy people around me. Anyway, other choices for birthday fun are going to see Tracy Morgan, a comic that was on Saturday Night Live for a while. He'll be in Houston the weekend after thanksgiving. He is hilarious! He is now on one of my favorite shows, 30 Rock. I would also love to go see Train, a band that I really like, and they are playing the night before my bday. Also the weekend before my birthday, Leslie and I will be going camping with her girl scout troop. I'm really looking forward to that and Leslie is kind of looking forward to it. I haven't beeen camping in a very long time. Not since before Leslie was born. I can't wait! So November seems like it might be a little busy. I sure hope so anyway! I love to be out and about. And sometimes I even get to take Michael with me. It's so hard to find a babysitter that we often just go do something by ourselves and then come back and tell the other one about it. We have even gone to see the same movie, but separately. I know we'll eventually get around to getting out of the house together, we just have to hang in there!! I didn't realize that it was already 10:45! Time to hit the bed!! Goodnight!