Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday again!

Not much to report today. Leslie and Charlotte came home from grandpa's house all in one piece. And they were perfect angels there. Even during church! They said that while Walter was up at the front reading some announcements, that Charlotte felt the need to say Grandpa really loud. But everybody thought it was pretty cute. Leslie took her cookie order form with her and got a couple sales while she was down there. Day 2 of the cookie sale and she is up to 24 boxes! My brother in Colorado ordered 12 of them. But I think she's the only girl scout at her school so she should get quite a few in the next week or so. Well i'm about to go in the other room and watch a movie with Michael. I rented Get Smart earlier today. My mom said it was hilarious. I got it from one of those Redbox rental machines that are at walgreens, mcdonalds and walmart. I also got one night free by using a promo code. This code only works at the redbox units located outside of walgreens. And i'm not sure if it only works on sunday or not. Right before you check out, press the button that says Add Promo Code and type in DVDATWAG and it will give you a free night for one movie.

here's my good eatin' for today:
*bowl of special k fruit and yogurt cereal with 2%milk
*1 cup of coffee with splenda and lots of cream(there's not much stuff in the cream)
*2 bottles of water
*2 grilled chicken wraps with salsa and guacamole on whole grain tortillas(and the tortillas were terrible! I bought some more whole wheat ones today)
*small hunk of sausage with a serving of delicious sauerkraut
*sandwich on whole wheat bread with thinly sliced cheese, ham and light mayo only on one side of the bread

I had to make the sandwich because Charlotte liked her dinner so much that after she ate it, she came over to my side of the table and proceeded to talk me out of most of my dinner. I'm just happy she was eating. She is doing that kid thing where one day she'll eat one meal and the next day she eats everything in sight!

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