Sunday, January 18, 2009

No cake for me!

Here's my food:

*2 whole wheat pancakes with SF syrup
*4 pieces of turkey bacon
*2 scrambled eggs
*3 bottles of water
*2 grilled chicken wraps on whole wheat tortillas with salsa
*small frito pie
*1/2 of charlotte's corn dog
*3 cheetos

I did something else today worthy of a pat on the back! The girls and I went to Will's birthday party at Mr Gatti's and I didn't eat anything while I was there. I made sure to eat before I went so that I wouldn't be hungry and give in when it was cake time. I was able to convince Leslie to keep her tickets that she won and save them for next time so she might be able to get a bigger prize. And we were late getting home so I didn't want to wait in line to cash in her tickets. Michael was supposed to go meet a friend of his at the observatory and he was bringing his daughter so Leslie would have somebody to play with. Her favorite thing to do there is to draw on the dry erase board. I went there with all the kids one time and Charlotte managed to draw on the wall under the board and I tried to wipe it off and made a bigger mess. I ended up getting a space picture that was lying on the desk and wedging it under the board so that it hung down and covered the spot. Eventually, I will have to bring some paint up there and paint over it.
I got on the scale today and got some good news! I have lost a total of 6 pounds so far! I keep thinking that i'm not doing enough exercise or eating well enough, but I must be doing something right! And to help myself a little more, tomorrow i'm going to try out the vanilla silk soy milk. When I told Michael about it, I think he thought I was kidding. We'll see how I like that.
Now I'm off to bed and to watch tonight's episode of Desperate Housewives that I recorded. G'night!

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cari allen said...

YOU ROCK!!! Woohoo!! I'm so proud of you. You've lost more than that I'll bet, since your scale was wonky.

I've been planning a party for Neil. We're gonna have it at the Dave and Buster's on the Katy Frwy. We negotiatied with the party planner all day! It'll be on the 7th, and all of you are invited! I know it's far, but I hope you can come. Invites go out today.