Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First Weigh In

I am officially 3lbs lighter!
I had a bit of an unmotivated week. And I really didn't think I had done enough or had eaten well enough to have lost anything. I thought for sure that the number on the scale was going to be higher than when I started. Seeing that I had actually done some good gave me a brand new optimism for this whole project. After weighing in, I actually wanted to get out there and work out. And time flew by. Before I knew it I had been on the treadmill for 30 mins, the elliptical for 15 and then doing some weights. I had been there for and hour and half. And I felt great. I was in a lot of pain, but it was the kind of pain that comes from accomplishing something that requires hard work. I was proud of myself. That isn't something that I say very often. I am trying to get better at congratulating myself for things no matter how small they are. I originally had no intention of going to the gym today, but Charlotte begged for me to go. She just really likes the kids play area and wanted to go hang out there for a while. If she hadn't insisted, then I probably wouldn't have gone. Way to go Charlotte!

On a fun note, I went to the Bowling for Soup concert on friday and had a blast! I discovered a couple more bands that I am crazy about now. They all put on awesome live shows. And after the show I hung around and got pictures with some of the band members and picked up a couple of new cd's. I am now a huge fan of Patent Pending and Freshman 15. The top picture is Chris from Bowling for Soup, second is Mike from Freshman 15 and third pic is Joe from Patent Pending.

So, to recap, I am in a super good mood, I saw some rockin' bands and I am going to sleep like a rock tonight. Good night everybody!

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