Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here goes...

I better do this before I chicken out..
My new year's resolution is a bit of a cliche, but I need to lose some weight. One way that I plan on keeping up with this is by writing down everything thing that I eat each day. And to make sure that I keep up with this, I'm going to put in the blog. If I know that somebody somewhere is expecting me to keep up with it, then I will actually do it. So today I ate: ( in no particular order)
*a bowl maple brown sugar shredded wheat cereal with a small amount of milk
*a large grilled chicken salad with spinach and light italian dressing
*2 med glasses of Sunny D
*1/2 bottle of water
*3 Peanut Sweet and Salty bars
*3 long skinny pieces of thin crust cheese pizza
*handful of air popped popcorn
*and I will probably have a diet mountain dew before I go to bed, which I hope is soon.

Hopefully I will think to myself, If I eat something bad, then I have to let the whole world know, and that will deter me from doing it. I'll let myself have something yummy every now and then so I don't go completely insane. If anybody actually does read this, I would love some encouraging comments! That would make my day!

On to more fun things: Tomorrow we are going to the zoo in Houston. I love going there! I can remember when it only cost a couple of dollars to go there. I have more to say, but I have to go corral the kiddos. They are watching a movie and Charlotte is feeling the need to be louder and more entertaining than the movie.

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