Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Melting.....

I am still trying to be good, but I have noticed when it's really hot in here, it makes me want something cold from the freezer. For lunch the last couple of days I have been sticking with salads. We ate at Sweet Tomatos in the woodlands on monday. It was so good and somewhat healthy. Leslie and I both put some of what we thought was cheese on our salad. At the exact moment it was falling onto the lettuce I actually read what the sign said it was. Jicama. I have vowed that I would never eat that because it looks horrible. But I couldn't even tell it was there. I didn't tell Leslie what it was until after she was done. She was surprised that she ate it and didn't have some sort of attack. I still don't think I will go buy one and use it at home. On monday we also went to have our family pictures taken. We went to the walmart in the woodlands to do them. In the past, I have been pleased with the pictures that come out of the walmart studios. But this time I was amazed with the pictures. They were all so wonderful that I bought a lot more pictures than I had planned to. We all wore nice bright colors and were against a black background. I can't wait for everybody to see them!
I have found something else to keep my time occupied lately. I have now been a member of facebook for a while and discovered a game on there called FarmTown. You get to plant your own farms and have livestock and other farm related things. I absolutely love it! It helps me with my desire to plant stuff with out having to deal with outside or the plants dying. We do have a small garden in the back yard though. It has some blackberry plants, watermelon, rosemary and some red and purple flowers. I have been going outside to water it everyday! I try to get Charlotte to help me sometimes, but she just wants to stand there with the hose and point the sprayer straight up in the air. That's fun, but not always what I am in the mood for.
Charlotte had a momentous occasion earlier this week. She peed in her little potty finally!! She hasn't gone since. I hope we get that completely taken care of soon. Having two kids in diapers has been an expensive habit for a long time.
wow...i have suddenly gotten very sleepy...see ya!

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cari allen said...

Hey! I thought I'd look to see if you had blogged lately, and there you were! We discovered something you can freeze, that's yummy, and guilt free! Get a seedless watermelon, some dixie cups, and popsicle sticks. They are so yummy! I scooped, and blended mine. Ok, it's not ice cream, but Madeline got to help make them, so that made them yummier!