Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let's try this again!

I have gotten myself in the right frame again for another try at eating right. I have been good all day so far. Here's my eating for today:

*2 cups of coffee with lots of creamer and splenda
*a bowl of corn flakes with vanilla soy milk and splenda
*2 hot dogs with cheese
*4 strawberries with splenda
*2 graham cracker sandwiches with peanut butter
*chicken and rice on a small plate so I wouldn't eat a ton of it
*a spoonful of vanilla ice cream
*3 bottles of water and 1 bottle of water with a sugar free hawaiian punch flavoring in it.
Does that count as water?

I don't have the treadmill anymore, but i'll figure out something to get myself more active. It doesn't help that I don't like summer, or that our airconditioning is broken either. We do have some window units that we are using at the moment until something better comes along. That is the end of my complaining, I promise!
I really enjoyed watching "The Biggest Loster" this season. I hadn't seen it before and I got some good eating tips from it. It was very motivational to watch it. The transformations the contestants made were amazing. They did it in such a short time though and it almost seems like that goal would be unreachable to the people watching at home. But I have pictured myself a thousand times doing the thing where I hold up the old pants that I used to wear and dropping them to reveal a new me. It's going to happen someday.

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