Monday, February 2, 2009

hello again!

More long days, but productive ones! Today we went to get our taxes done and Geannie watched all three of the kids for us. With out the kids, we felt like we were on a date! This weekend I did a lot of running around with my mom. She's house sitting for a friend and it's not near town so I took her to get some stuff done. We went to conroe on sunday to hancock fabrics who was having a good sale on some cute flannel. She makes baby receiving blankets out of them. Saturday was a lot of local errands. And friday consisted of a slow day, but that evening I ended up in a bit of fender bender. And it was my fault. I was turning out on to the highway at the end up my road as another vehicle was about to turn onto my road. I didn't see the small truck that was behind that vehicle and I got hit on the driver side in the back. I also had all the kids with me. Charlotte and Sophie didn't know anything had happened, but Leslie was very shook up over it. The other driver was also fine. We had to wait in a gas station parking lot for about an hour for all the paperwork to be taken care of by the police and then we were on our way home. We were originally headed to town for pizza but figured we should skip that. I kind of saw that as God's way of telling me that I need to be eating better again. I'm trying to do that.
I just realized how incredibly late it is...I need to get to bed. I'll update more tomorrow probably.

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cari allen said...

Oh my God Susan! I am so thankful that you and the kids are ok. Poor little Leslie. Tell her that there should be several kids her age at the party! Madeline is so exicted, she tells eveyone about it! I'm SO happy to see you posting again! If the cupcake thing is too much for you to handle, just let me know, and Ill pick some up that day in Houston. I had no idea what to tell you to get for Neil's birthday, so thought that cupcakes would help everyone out! Since almost everyone that we asked is coming, Ill need three dozen, so can just buy them there!!SO good to hear from you again!