Monday, February 16, 2009

again and again

I haven't blogged in a long while and I promise I have a good reason for it. When I think of it, I will add it in. But there are somethings that have gone on lately that have kept me from the computer. I thought I had the flu last week and it got bad enough that I ended up having to go the hospital by ambulance and had to spend a couple of days there. That wasn't real fun. The best diagnosis that I got was that I had some sort of viral infection that attacked me as hard as possible. During the hospital stay I started having these terrible headaches that made me want to stay in the dark as much as possible. They don't bother me much now except for when I'm at the computer. I have to wear sunglasses in order to sit her for more than five minutes. And I don't have any adult size sunglasses, so right now i'm wearing Sophie's pink butterfly glasses that velcro in the back. It's a great sight to see. And in the last week, we are having trouble keeping all of the children well also. As of this moment, Leslie has a fever and Sophie hopefully will keep her dinner down tonight. Last tuesday, Sophie had a double ear infection and then Charlotte started with the stomach bug.
I did manage to get a quick night out last night. I already had a ticket to see a comedy show in houston. I got to go see Joel McHale who hosts The Soup on the E channel. He is hilarious on the show and I thought he was even funnier in person. He had some great stories about his funny kids that I could relate to. And after the show he was signing autographs. I bought a tshirt before the show and had him sign that. And I made friends with the women in front of me in line so they would take a picture of me with him and then email it to me. If it is a decent picture, I might post it on here.
I'm heading to be extra early tonight. Gotta grab sleep when I can get it!

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cari allen said...

My poor sweet girl! I hope by now, you are all doing good again. I can't imagine having three sick babies, especially if I was sick too. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Do you think you could be having migraines? Sounds like the symptoms. Poor girl. I'm glad you got to get out, your picture is great! He looks so little!
I love you sweetie, I hope you are all well now.