Saturday, July 25, 2009

I made it back from Denver in one piece. About a month ago. It was awesome! The most amazing thing we did was go all the way up to the top of Pike's Peak. Once we got up there, I got kind of woozy and spent most of my time sitting inside the gift shop. I posted the picture of my brother and mom sitting at the photo op place on the summit. I was not satisfied with any of the pictures that were taken of me so don't expect to see any of them anytime soon. Anyway, while we were in Denver, we went to the Molly Brown museum. That is a place that I didn't know existed, but i'm glad I went. I didn't know much about her except that she was a survivor from the Titanic. Now that I have heard about her life and seen her nifty house, I would like to see the movie about her. We were told that the movie did change quite a bit of things about her, including the fact that her name was actually Margaret. They called her Molly in the movie because it was easier to sing. After all of our fun in Colorado, my mom, my brother and I drove back down here. That is the longest I have been away from my kids and I missed them so much! I'm missing them right now actually. Leslie and Charlotte went to spend a few days with Grandpa and Grandma and it has been so quiet here. Sophie is enjoying getting to be an only child for a few days. Here's something else I did that I haven't done in ages! I read a book on Thursday. I haven't had time to do that in so long. I would rather read than watch tv, but I happen to be in high demand these days, it gets put on the back burner. I think i'm going to go read some more now. Ciao!

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cari allen said...

Good to see you writing again!