Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Spring Break!

I'm glad it's finally here. Michael and Leslie both have needed a break from school. Leslie has done incredibly well this year in school. Not that I doubted she would, but she has has really excelled at everything. She came home with a 100 in math for the six weeks on a recent report card. I am so proud of her! And last week, Michael took his test, and passed, to become certified to teach jr high science. I feel a little left out in the achievements area, but i'll think of something wonderful that I have done lately. We had an awesome time at the rodeo earlier this month. Leslie, my mom and I met up with my sister there. We looked at all the amazing quilts that were there. Leslie went through the fake farm they had where kids learn about what goes on on a real farm. She got to milk a fake cow, feed fake chickens, pet a fake sheep and grow a fake carrot. They had real versions of these animals to look at there too. Leslie enjoyed the rodeo itself. It helped that we had really good seats on the end that the bull riding was on. The concert that day was Trace Adkins. I didn't recognize too many of the songs but I liked it anyway. Leslie was ready to go as soon as he started singing. It was loud and dark in there, but I managed to get her smiling and dancing during some of it. Afterwards, we went to the carnival and had a blast. We rode the tiltawhirl, which is my mom's favorite, and then we went on some kind of ride that goes in a circle over some humps and then goes backwards over the humps. My mom rode that with Leslie first and then I got on it with her. I couldn't stop myself from laughing and screaming the whole time. I hadn't had that much fun in a long time. Leslie also won a pretty good sized stuffed tiger from a game that involved throwing ping pong balls into lillypads. That made her night!
Today, she has a friend over for a couple of days and they went to the movies about an hour ago. Michael calls me when they get there and informed me that the movies didn't open until4pm. We had looked at the time that was for the weekends. So they are going to go rent a couple of movies instead. Later this week we are going on a short, but much needed vacation. We are heading to San Antonio! One of my best friends lives there and we are going to spend some time with her and her family and do some touristy stuff. Michael is going to Paint Rock, TX to go see some rocks that were painted on almost a thousand years ago. The things that were painted on them are what people back then were seeing in the sky. Some are of constellations, or astronomy events that were taking place at the time. It sounds pretty neat. He'll spend most of one day doing that. I'm just happy to be out and about. But ecstatic that I get to see my friend because I miss her a lot!
I'm going to go in the other room and catch up on some reading while the little ones are taking their nap!

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cari allen said...

HEY!! Always good to see a new post. I loved the part about the fake animals! Why don't we take all of the kids Friday to the childresn museum here?