Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Famous Allens

We had a wonderful spring break! Leslie had a friend over for a couple of nights and then we went to visit one of my good friends from Cracker Barrel. After that it was time to head out to San Antonio to see the sights and visit another best friend and her family. This is the first time our kids have been able to get together for an extended amount of time and play. They all had a blast and are counting the days until they get to see each other again. Leslie said her favorite part of the trip was the jumpity jump place and getting to go out to eat. My friend took us driving around in the hill country and it was beautiful up there. I was a little nervous on some of the curvy roads going down through the hills, but I was with a good driver so we had nothing to worry about. One time, we were driving through Arkansas and some of the roads there were very steep and very curvy and I thought I was going to have to sedate myself to be able to ride in the car with out freaking out. Anyways, we really enjoyed getting to spend time with friends and being able to relax. Michael had also took a side trip up to a town called Paint Rock. In that town, there are some rock paintings done by indians. They are all very well preserved. He took a ton of pictures, but i'm not sure what the link is to them at the moment or I would add that on. On our way home, we took a bit of a scenic route. We ended up going through New Braunsfels, then through Austin, then to Brenham and then to Navasota and then to Huntsville. It took a little longer, but we got to see some nifty things. And I had heard that near Brenham was the best place to see bluebonnets. I have never seen so many of them! Fields and fields of them all over the place. It was so pretty. If the children hadn't looked so ragged by that point, I would have pulled over to take their picture by them. I still plan on doing that, but I have a place in Huntsville picked out. I forgot to mention that when we were going past navasota and into Anderson, we made sure to try to take a picture of Chuck Norris' house! Can't forget that! Now we are back to the daily grind. Tomorrow, Leslie is starting her art class at the Wynne Home. I can't wait to see what kind of wonderful things made of clay she will come home with!

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cari allen said...

We had a wonderfull time! You're girls are so beautiful.